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A better experience than in store.

By in-situ virtual testing of products at the customers’ premises.

Reali.Store, your solution to sell effortlessly !

A superior experience to that of a physical store.

Reali.Store for better deals !

A virtual trial that will decrease your return rates.

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From the digital to real with a click

A turnkey service

Regardless of your field of activity, you often hear your customers say that they need to imagine your products in their environment to be sure of their purchase.

Addressing this issue, we invite you to discover our WordPress and Prestashop 3D module, offering the capability to visualize the products from your store in augmented reality!

We provide your customers with the opportunity to visualize the products from your store in their own environment through our turnkey service, which includes the optional creation of custom 3D digital models based on your photos and the visualization of these models in augmented reality using smartphones or tablets!

Our module can scale the product to fit the room, respecting its exact dimensions.

Your customers will have the ability to “turn around” the product to view it from all angles !

Reali.Store offers a unique pre-sales experience that will improve your conversion rates while modernizing your offering.


The simple implementation process of Reali.Store

Effortless sales



Download our 3D module available in the “my information” section of your back office.



Validate the quote, submit your photos, and confirm your request.



Create different categories to easily find your models.




Integrate your models into your store and access your store interface to add the 3D renderings to your product listings.

Benefits with Reali.Store


Your competitive advantages are realized through a unique pre-sales experience, improving your conversions!
Your customers can visualize your product before placing an order, thereby reducing the return rate.

Find here our gallery of products modeled by Reali.Store.

Before and after with Reali.Store

Modernise your offer

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Reali.Store gallery

From digital to real with a click

A quick and effective pre-sales and persuasion tool

Your products come to life before the purchase


Reali Store offers an augmented reality experience directly on your website without the need for the end customer to download an application, regardless of your field of activity (industrial, agri-food, military industry, environment, energy…).

Reali Store allows the end customer to verify the suitability of your products for their intended use
through a complete and detailed 3D and augmented reality view. As a result, the return rate is significantly reduced.

Regarding return on investment, Reali.Store will generate a doubling of sales (demonstrated by our early users) and a 50% reduction in return rates through these augmented reality experiences!


Affordable price
Easy integration

word of mouth-augmented-reality

Your brand image
is modernized


Fewer returns
Lower carbon impact


Compatible with all-browsers
Compatible with iOS and Android

Increased conversion rate

Customer satisfaction is at the heart of our concerns

We are here to listen to you

With Reali.Store, our challenge is twofold because your opinion matters as much as your customers.

We are providers of an interactive and innovative solution that we want to implement for you, with you, and for everyone.

Please feel free to provide us with your feedback and suggestions through the contact or information request form. We will be delighted to respond as soon as possible.