Revolutionize your E-commerce strategy
with augmented reality

What is web AR ?

Augmented reality (AR) integrates digital information or virtual objects into the real-world
environment, typically viewed through a device such as a smartphone or AR glasses. It
overlays computer-generated images onto a user’s view of the real world, enhancing their
perception and interaction with their surroundings. Augmented reality is valuable in
e-commerce because it enables customers to visualize products in their own environment,
leading to more informed purchase decisions and reduced return rates

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Take advantage of the numerous benefits of augmented reality to boost your conversion rate with our augmented reality plugin for your E-commerce websites on WordPress, Prestashop, Shopify, as well as integrated into your physical materials (catalogs, posters, flyers, etc.).
The customer experience enriched by the Reali-store augmented reality plugin makes it easy to convert visitors into customers by offering them the opportunity to visualize your products in their space through augmented reality.
Benefit from custom-made 3D models of your products created by our modelers, providing a level of detail that is almost perfect. The reproduction of dimensions, colors, and details is meticulously done.
Reali-store provides a seamless and convincing augmented reality experience through this technology. The reproduction of dimensions, colors, and details is at an almost perfect level.
The development of M-commerce or Mobile Commerce allows for the integration of augmented reality into the purchasing process. In 2021, according to a study conducted by FEVAD, 48% of online purchases were made from a smartphone.
Accessible to all businesses and easily integrable into your web and physical materials, the Reali-store plugin is ideal for improving your performance and the satisfaction of your customers.


Accessible pricing

Easy integration


Your brand image

is being modernized


Fewer returns

Lower carbon footprint


Compatible with all browsers

Compatible with iOS and Android


Increase in conversion rate

A pre-sales tool


A quick and efficient conviction

A unique pre-sales experience!

reali-store provides an augmented reality experience directly on your website without requiring the customer to download any application, regardless of your industry sector (industrial, agri-food, military, environment, energy, etc.).
With reali-store, the end customer can verify the suitability of your products for their needs through a complete and detailed 3D augmented reality view. As a result, the return rate is significantly reduced

The simple implementation process of reali-store

For effortless sales

Your products come to life before purchase


Step 1

Download our Web AR plugin 3D

Available in the ‘My Information’ section of your back office


Step 2

Validate the quote

Upload your photos and confirm your request


Step 3

Create different categories

And find your models more easily


Step 4

Integrate your models

Access your store interface to integrate 3D models into your product listings

A better experience than in physical store !

Through virtual in-situ product trials at the customer’s location.

Your competitive advantages are embodied by a unique pre-sales experience that enhances
your conversions! Your customers visualize your product before placing an order, thus
limiting the return rate.
Find here our gallery of products modeled by Reali.Store.

Our WebAR tool is available for your websites built on :

A quick and effective pre-sales and persuasion tool

Your products come to life before the purchase


Reali Store offers an augmented reality experience directly on your website without the need for the end customer to download an application, regardless of your field of activity (industrial, agri-food, military industry, environment, energy…).

Reali Store allows the end customer to verify the suitability of your products for their intended use
through a complete and detailed 3D and augmented reality view. As a result, the return rate is significantly reduced.

Regarding return on investment, Reali.Store will generate a doubling of sales (demonstrated by our early users) and a 50% reduction in return rates through these augmented reality experiences!