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How much does the Reali.Store Prestashop module and the 3D models cost ?

The module costs 300€ excluding VAT. This gives you access to all our online features as well as all our services.

For the 3D modelling of your products, we have set up a quotation system so that we can adapt each model to each request and meet 100% of your expectations.

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How do I install the module on my shop ?

To install the module on your store, once you have purchased the module, download the zip file in your Reali.Store space.

Then, on your Prestashop shop, in Module manager > Upload a module and then drag the zip file.

The module is now installed on your shop.

How do I create my models (or have them created) ?

To create your models, you can call on an external modeller or entrust their creation to our team of modellers.

After acceptance of the quote on your Reali.Store space, our modellers will create your custom 3D models according to your needs.

The 3D models created by our modellers will be directly integrated into your 3D library in your Prestashop module.

How the 3D model creation process works ?

After sending us your photos, our 3D modellers will analyse their quality to ensure that they are adequate.

They will then create your models using 3D design software.

Once the creation of the models is finished, you will be able to find them on your Reali.Store space as well as in your 3D models library in your Prestashop module.

Do I need photos? How many pictures? What quality ?

To enable our modellers to make 3D models of your products, they need at least 6 photos of your product with a minimum quality of 2000 x 2000 pixels. You can, of course, add more photos to facilitate the process and make the product even more realistic.

How can I send photos of my products to have the 3D models made ?

You just have to upload them by dragging them into the section provided for this purpose on your personalised administration space in Reali.Store. This way you can send the photos to be modelled to our modellers who will take care of it as soon as possible.

How long does it take to integrate the 3D models into my shop ?

Once you have the 3D models, the integration into your shop and their upload is instantaneous, whether it’s for models we have made or those you have provided.
You can of course choose which product you want to assign a model to and one model can be used for multiple products.

Do I own the 3D models created by Reali.Store for my store ?

Yes, you do. As soon as your models are available in your administrative space, you can use them as want for your business.

How can I integrate the 3D models into my shop ?

You can easily integrate the models in your shop from our interface in your Prestashop product page. This interface allows you to select which models you want to integrate into each product sheet.

Do I have a point of contact to help me ?

You can reach us by telephone at 05 62 26 20 66 and a customer service agent will do everything possible to help you.

You can also contact us via the contact form on https://www.reali.store/contact/ and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Are my models protected from copying?

No, just like a simple photo. Once on your shop, they will be an integral part of your shop and thus fall under the elements, like a photo, protected by your own terms of use.

Is the service compatible with all smartphones ?

The augmented reality service work on all Android or iOS devices when you order your models on www.reali.store. In order for the models you provide to work with both operating systems, you need to have models available in .glb (for Android) and .usdz (for iOS) format, all without any specific application or software installation required on smartphones and tablets. Reali.Store provides both types of models for each 3D model creation request.

Does it work on a tablet ?

Augmented reality services work with any type of tablet running iOS or Android.